Meat Market, as the name suggests, is a meat restaurant that offers dishes made from the best ingredients, and high-quality cocktails. What’s great about this name and concept is that a butcher’s shop was located on the same spot decades ago. We add a completely special nuance to each dish from our kitchen.


Küütri 3
Information and booking: +3726533455;

Tasty Tartu 2023 special menu


Salmon ceviche with jalapeno cucumber water
Salmon fillet, avocado, cherry tomato, shallot, jalapeno-cucumber water, leek dust, micro coriander


Duck breast
Duck breast with orange-chili glaze, beetroot cream, Põltsamaa Kuldne parsnip, Saaremaa kale, Cointreau demi glace, Lux Veg micro beauty


Lavender panna cotta
Berry sauce, blueberry icecream, blueberries, white chocolate cherry crumble flower blossoms

Price of the three-course menu is 33€