Chef André

Chez André and his team are happy to welcome you to their restaurant! We have created a cosy, perfect place to share with you.
Küütri 3, Tartu
Tel: +372 744 2085

Tasty Tartu 2019 special menu


The “Tasty Tartu 2019” menu is inspired by nature!
The menu went to the forest and climbed on a tree!


Oreo Oyster Filled with Oxtail / Green Tea Oyster Filled with Smoked Snail and Poultry
/ Red Velvet Oyster Filled with Strawberry Risotto/ Salad Cigar with Cheesecake Filling

Main Course

“Black Forest” Wild Boar with Dewberry-BBQ Sauce and Raclette Cheese, Crispy Bark, Caramelized Oats, Roasted Rum-Flavoured Brussels and Cauliflower Duo


Crème Brûlée Choco Chamel / Crème Brûlée Curd Carmel/ Crème Brûlée Pistachio Praline

Price of the three-course menu is 21€